Sean Penn Says: “I am no snitch” After El Chapo Arrested In Operation Black Swan

If you have not heard yet, you would have to be living under a rock… as shortly after a private meeting between El Chapo and Hollywood actor Sean Penn, the Mexican drug lord was arrested in a firefight raid on his hide out.

Showbiz Spy managed to get a quote from Sean and got a little inside information on what happened.

Sean: “I am not sure what happened someone tipped off authorities and it was not me. I went through everything I possibly could to keep the meeting completely private, I swapped cars and planes several times, every contact was done on a throwaway phone for one single call and I told no one of what was going on at anytime. I had absolutely nothing to do with the tip off. We left on very good terms he really wanted to be involved with making a movie about his life but knew there was a bit of a risk involved… I was all ears at all times.”

We tend to believe Sean and think you should as well, but somewhere there was a breakdown that really could have been anyone from a pilot to someone in Chapo’s orginization trying to cash in on the BIG reward money.

So before you judge Sean as being a “snitch bitch” remember he had nothing to gain over turning him in. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

As far as El Chapo, authorities are saying they want to extradite his ass asap to the states however, we do not see this happening anytime soon as the attorney can keep him in Mexico through appeals for a long time, long enough for his boys to break him out again at some point. If he does in fact get extradited to the states he is screwed and will live the rest of his life in a cell the size of a dog kennel.

Below is the video of the raid on El Chapo’s hangout with gun fire, bombs and the whole nine yards by RT.

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