There is no doubt that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have had their fair share of marital problems, but this time Sharon is putting her foot down. She recently told her husband of 33 years to kick rocks, and now the Black Sabbath front man is living in a Hotel instead of the family home in Beverly Hills.

The break up announcement came to light yesterday, however the entire Osbourne family has been radio silent.

Our spies have talked with an insider that visits the home daily and we are being told that they had a knock down drag out fight over infidelity accusations. Source: “Sharon was going ballistic, accusing Ozzy of cheating on her with an employee. She said she knew that he had been fuc*ing her for a long time, and that now she knew for sure that her gut feeling was correct. Sharon was really pissed and will more than likely file for divorce this week. She basically caught him red handed yet again.”

As far as the rumors of drug or alcohol relapse, those can be confirmed as of right now to not be true. This is nothing more than a relationship issue says a source close to the iconic rocker.

No word yet as to any type of divorce proceedings. Keep in mind though Sharon has busted Ozzy several times in the 80’s being unfaithful and the couple has always worked it out.

Michelle Pugh
Michelle Pugh

The woman accused of banging Ozzy is 45 year old Michelle Pugh who works with clients through the Beverly Hills hair salon with tons of celebrity clients. Yesterday she canceled all of her appointments until further notice. That in itself screams guilty… only time will tell.

A source that works at The Talk is saying: “Sharon will be filing for divorce, I have no doubt in my mind. She is to strong of a woman to put up with this type of sh*t, that is now known by everyone on the planet.” We tend to agree, as she will need to keep up with her tough no nonsense approach to relationships and life. If she does not, her image will be severely damaged.

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