Ok… we have got to ask ourselves, how can one woman be so stupid and cheat on a billionaire with several men even before you get married to him?!

Well, danish recording artists Janus Maria Louise Joensen aka Aura Dione accomplished just that task by cheating on Skype co-founder Janus Friss.

Janus had purchased a 417k engagement ring in 2013 as a symbol of his love for Maria, the only problem is Maria seemed to not have the same feelings for the tech guru.

Reports surfaced that Maria had not one but several sexual encounters with men at the same time she was engaged to Janus and after he caught wind of the affairs he requested the ring back. Maria though did not want to comply saying that he gave it to her and does not feel that she should have to give it back. The ring in question is a 950 platinum band inserted with several diamonds including a flawless almost full 2 ct diamond to top it off.

Janus also provided large cash deposits and a nice loft where according to reports she had sexual encounters with other men.

In the lawsuit Janus is requesting at least 1 million in damages.

Here is a video of Maria or her better known stage name Aura Dione:

Here is a video of Janus talking business from back in the day: