Here we go again with the Vanderpump Rules sex scandal where Stassi Schroeder made a sex tape after dating Jax and then had Lisa Vanderpump pay off the scumbag Ex-Boyfriend to not leak the video to the public.

Then on the last episode Stassi talked about what? Of course her sex tape. And yet again on the latest episode what just so happened to come up on the show? You guessed it, the Stassi Schroeder sex tape video that has now according to sources leaked to the web and there is no turning back.

A little history on this entire scandal is back when Stassi was dating this scumbag before Jax she made a masturbation sex tape and sent it to him as a “look at what I have for you” type of thing. Then the two broke up and shortly later she started working for Lisa Vanderpump as a waitress. After the ex finds out that Stassi is in good with Lisa he requests money to not leak the tape, at which point Lisa agrees to pay to keep the video under wraps. Stassi attempts to pay back Lisa the ransom money but then just stops paying and also blames the tape as the sole reason for her relationship issue with Patrick.

Well, now according to our Spies the video has some how or another hit the web, however it is unclear if it was the ex or Lisa Vanderpump herself that leaked the tape. If you are looking to watch it you can get more info and check it out in our previous post Stassi Schroeder sex tape porn video leak, but note the area with all the celeb sex tape videos is nsfw.

We totally think this is nothing more than an inside job of sorts to try and help boost Stassi’s career as these type of scandals do almost all the time. So we had to find out for ourselves and got the following comment from Stassi: When asked… “Did you leak the tape yourself?” Stassi Says: “No, I did not and never would, I do not know who is responsible for this entire mess.” We then asked: “Why do you talk about the tape all the time on the show?” Stassi replies: “I have reluctantly talked about the mistake only when it comes up in an effort to defend my actions that I am very regretful for, I think producers are the ones pulling the strings because it generates ratings for the show which in turn generates money from advertisers.”

We then checked it out and have to call BS as she herself has been the one to bring it up as you can see in this video at the 1:30 mark:

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