Suge Knight is very well known to have bullied his way to the top in the music industry, with tons of talk about his merciless ways to get artists to sign over rights of their music.

Two of the biggest in the Hip Hop game is the rumors that Suge was behind the deaths of two of the greatest artists ever in the rap game, 2Pac and Biggie. 2Pac was taken out according to those close to him because he was getting ready to leave his label and Suge found out about it, and staged the entire event.

Then there is the entire confirmed hanging Vanilla Ice out the window of his 10th story motel room by his legs, and forced to sign over the rights of his music.

Well now, Eminem’s former bodyguard known as ‘Big Naz’ told an internet music show, that former “Death Row Records” kingpin Suge Knight tried to have Eminem wacked on several occasions for not “working” with the Suge team. First at the 2001 Source Hip Hop awards and then later during a trip to Hawaii. Both times Eminem escaped unscathed, both due to his knowledge of the threat and security team.

ShowbizSpy reached out to “Big D” that also worked security for Eminem and confirmed: “We knew that Suge was a threat to Eminem and on several occasions talked about “taking him out”, so we were always on alert and made sure to keep ourselves in positions that would not allow him to become one of Suge’s many “rumored” victims. Look man, the only way Suge has made it as far as he has, is off of pure threats, bullying and I think murder of artists/producers.

This was also confirmed by one of Suge’s ex employee’s that left his organization. Known as “Smokey” he told MTV that “Suge is ruthless and very dangerous, he knows several people that will do anything for him if asked, even murder aint nothing to him. You need someone taken out? No problem, done.”

The judge Ronald Coen in Suge’s current murder trial is aware of his past “business practices” and when the request was put in for witnesses info, the request was denied. Anyone in the legal arena will tell you it is to keep the witness safe from Suge’s thugs.