WWE Hall of Fame diva Tammy Sytch better known for her ring name ‘Sunny’ was recently offered $100k for her Hall of Fame ring and a sex tape exclusively licensed to Vivid Ent. Now according to one of our inside Spy’s a deal behind closed doors with the porn company Vivid has already been signed.

This all came about after her ring was found on a Ebay auction and Steve with Vivid said he would offer to buy her ring for $100,000 cash if she also included a sex tape of herself of at least an hour in length. Vivid of course notified their buddies over at TMZ of the offer and they reported the news that quickly went viral.

Now, fast forward a couple days and a Sunny interview shows that she is definitely “open to the idea for the right price”.

Showbiz Spy has contacted an extremely close friend of Sunny’s through a contact that David at SexTape.com gave us and they are telling us a deal is already done and the husband is “totally cool with the whole deal” and they even have a title for the new tape already called Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor. She will get $100k in cash up front and a undisclosed percent of the profits made from membership signups to watch the tape. They also already have recorded some of the tape scheduled for release at a later date. So all the hype about will Tammy do the deal was complete BS as she has already done it and the info that the public is seeing is PR work from Vivid Ent.

Now, will this be like the Kim Kardashian sex tape video money? We highly doubt it but hey you never know right, she may do something completely bizarre and have the media available to keep it in the news 24/7.

So we gotta ask… a sex tape is supposed to be an amateur filmed sex tape video that leaks on “accident”. However, all the videos that Vivid is doing and labeling as celeb sextapes seem to be nothing more than professionally filmed porn videos of has-been celebs. So what gives? Why are these videos being labeled as sex tapes if they in no way represent what people consider a real sex tape video? Let us know what you think about all this with your comments below.

Here is the video from TMZ where she says she is open to the idea but would need more money, however our sources say a deal has already been inked:

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