Ok people. this right here is why you should not believe everything you read, especially when it comes from celebrity reporting sites like RadarOnline, HollywoodLife and MediaTakeout to name a few that seem to lie to the public on the daily.

According the the celebrity tabloid website Radar, they are saying that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye ,and the attorneys have in fact finished the paperwork on the divorce terms. Quoting a source as saying: “They’ve figured out a mid-nuptial agreement, where Kim gets primary custody of the kids and Kanye holds onto most of his cash.”

This is according to our spies should be marked in the bull sh*t category. However, we will say there has been some serious tensions in the relationship for a long while now, as we have previously reported. But as of right now, we can safely say there has been no divorce paperwork filed, as we have checked under their real names, alias names and current addresses in court documents, and we could find nothing.

There was some recent tension with Kanye and Kim Kardashian, over having Ray J laying in bed naked immediately to the right of Kim Kardashian in the new music video intro for “Famous“. As, Kim would much like to forget about her time with Ray J and the full sex tape that sprung her entire family into the ultra famous lane. There has also been talk of infidelity from Kanye that Kim was said to have busted him straight up with no question, however she will not comment on the rumors.

As far as the divorce though… We have just now on the phone tipple checked with our contact in the Kardashian/West family, and they have said: “They are still having issues as most all couples do, but there is no divorce that I have heard of, and I am around them all day long. Kanye is of course the same prick he has always been and Kim is still sweet as can be.”

Well, there ya have it folks, directly from our source that is around the family all day long.