MediaTakeOut aka MedaFakeOut gets worse year after year, with their completely made up or over exaggerated stories about celebrities, and now they sunk to pond scum in the celebrity reporting niche after posting false information on a 15 year old and nude images (clearly a click-bait post).

The tabloid recently posted a disgusting article claiming that Willow Smith only 15 years old posted a nude photo of herself via social media, promoting the post headlined “MTO Shicker: Underage Willow Smith… Posts A NUDE PIC… Of Herself On INSTAGRAM… Is That LEGAL DO DO THAT???”

First of all, who the hell writes for this site? Their grammar/spelling is horrible, and after looking through the site a bit, most of their posts are completely false.

GossipCop who we have trusted 100% for years, is who caught the story saying: “The site writes in the accompanying story, “Jada and Will’s daughter Willow Smith is just 15 years old — far too young to be posting explicit images of herself on Instagram. But Will’s daughter posted a pic YESTERDAY (which is animated) that shows the teenager TOPLESS.” The story leads readers to believe the teen actually shared a real-life picture of herself in which she’s naked. That is NOT the case.”

The photo was actually nothing more than a drawing done by artist Gabriella, that as you can see below is not a nude photo of Willow:

< @x718_ >

A photo posted by ≠GWEELOS≠ (@willowsmith) on

MediaFakeOut was trying to get people to click on their disgusting false post so that their ads can make that money, nothing more, nothing less.

Yet again, proving that MediaTakeOut is NOT a legit source of celebrity information, like so many others out there now.