Oh for crying out loud, Jayceon Terrell Taylor or better known as ‘The Game’ has taken to Instagram yet again posting a pic of The Game’s penis that leaves little to the imagination that you can see below from his Instagram post.

This is not the first nor the last time you will see The Game in his underwear grabbing his johnson making women around the world drool and men feel little about themselves (well, most men lol).

Instagram and Twitter have both warned The Game several times about posting pictures that are considered a bit to revealing and again he has ignored the social media’s request to keep it down.

In his latest post he claims it is for Valentines Day awareness including tons of #Hashtags listed below:
#ValentinesDayWeekendSpecial #TimeToBreakTheInternetAgain #WhatIsHeDoingForYou #AndHeBetNotSayValentinesDayIsForBothOfUs #NawN*gga #ItsForWomen #NowHandleYourBusinessBeforeIDo #SheDeservesA5000DollarPurse #SheDeservesFlowersEveryday #WhatSheHasIsAReflectionOfYou #SoMakeHerLookLikeSheGotTheSameStylistAsAKardashian #TreatThatWomanLikeBarackTreatsMichelle #YouHad364DaysToPrepareForSundayBihhhh #MakeThatWomanHappy #ifHeDont #SlideInTheDMAndWeGoneFigureItOut #MeatPrintPapiHasSpoken and ended with #DropsMic

Here is the post he posted on Instagram that we will also put a hard copy *giggidy* below… because Instagram may in fact ban him this time around after all the warnings from before including the infamous rap while taking a dump on the toilet.

#Thegame says hello, #HeDoneDidItAgain // sorry for anyone this offends ? @losangelesconfidential

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We put out a call to The Game and got him this morning to open up a bit about the pic, he was tired probably from using that thing last night but we got a couple sentences out of him:

Showbiz Spy: “So what’s up man why do you keep posting pics of your manhood online? The Game: “*laughing* Man, I was just feeling it.”

Showbiz Spy: ” *laughing* We can see that, but you were warned before about posting those kind of images by Instagram before yeah?” The Game: “Yeah man I ain’t worried about it, I did that pic for all the special laddies out there on this special day we are getting ready to celebrate and to kind of remind men to treat their women with respect and love or I will and you don’t want that.”

Showbiz Spy: “We get ya, what are you going to do if Instagram shuts you down now?” The Game: “Trust me man, they wont shut my account down and if they do there is always other social media outlets that are dying for more users I can take my people to.”

Well there ya go, The Game loves the ladies and is not scared of the man! If Instagram shut down his account you can still view the pic he did that shut it down here.