Tiger Woods has not played in a competitive golf match now for some time, and it has now been confirmed that he will not be participating in the 2016 US Open.

As we have reported earlier, Woods has been telling everyone that his body is not ready. However, our inside spy in the PGA, (that has been spot on with just about everything we might add) is telling us that: it is not his body that is not ready, but his mind.

We had gotten a report that Tiger was going to play his first match of 2016 in the US Open, but that has now been confirmed as not happening.

The PGA and media has been hurting big time, compared to years before since Tiger has not been playing, overall… everything is down… attendance, viewers, advertising etc etc. Says Paul Levy of the PGA Tour. He goes on to say that “the Tiger factor has even been effecting city and private golf memberships across the world. He is so important to the industry as a whole.”

The wheels seemed to have fallen off the bus for Tiger, after he was caught cheating on his at the time wife Elin Nordegren with several women in different cities, and had several sex tape video rumors that he paid big money to sweep under the carpet. Even now, The 39-year old is said to have had a ‘steamy affair‘ with Amanda Boyd, 27 – who divorced former PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner in April of 2015 while he was still dating Lindsey Vonn. The rumors make complete sense as Tiger and Dufner where pretty close there for a while, and now they avoid each other like the plague. Around the same time all this came out, Lindsey dumped Tiger quick as lighting with no public reason.

When will Tiger return to golf is anyone’s guess, but that man needs to get his relationship issues under control, or we will never see the man of steel in golf ever again. In fact, it may not ever happen again as it stands. Some in the industry, do not even want Woods back in the sport as he “taints the game of golf with scandal” according to sources and “that is not what golf is about”.