Sorry fans, it appears that Tiger Woods will not be playing in the 2016 Masters golf tournament says those close to the at one time unstoppable winning machine.

There has been many questions as to if Tiger Woods would be making his appearance this year after Tiger had back surgery in October and has not played in a tournament since last August. However, our spies inside the golfing industry are now telling us there is a 99% chance that Tiger will definitely not play in this years first major, saying: “Tiger said that he is not yet ready, though he does feel about 70% and is getting close but he is not there yet to compete on the professional level.” He also said last month: “Dealing with nerves, there is no timetable… Everyone heals differently and every nerve is slightly different.”

Fans in the industry started to get their hopes up after Mark Steinberg sent an email to The Golf Channel saying: “no further update at the moment.” and the Golf Channel was putting the percentage of the star playing somewhere at 50/50.

This is a blow to the golfing industry as when Tiger is there win or lose the ratings shoot through the roof, and this year looks thus far to be one of the lowest in attendance and ad sales hurting the bottom line at every level. Marketing director at Nike says: “Any time Tiger plays of course there is a spike in sales/buzz, however we are completely on board with him to come back when he feels like he can win at a high level again. Some people do not understand that dealing with back pain in golf is like a quarterback playing with a broken hand.”

Here is some footage of Tiger in his prime, will he get there again at some point? No one really knows: