We like TMZ and the staff there but we have recently noticed a trend at the top celeb gossip site that is a bit disturbing. It would seem to those looking in from the outside that TMZ and head honcho at one of the top adult websites Vivid Ent. owned by Steve Hirsch are working together in cahoots when posting news to the public. If you look at all the 1000’s of posts about Vivid and Steve’s at times outlandish offers for celebrities to make sex tapes you can clearly see that a lot of the time it is complete BS and TMZ is only promoting the Vivid brand name knowing full well that the tape offer is just a PR media ploy.

For example TMZ just now posted an article that Vivid is offering presidential candidate Ted Cruz an offer to do a porn video called ‘Cruzin for Bush’. The problem is that the staff at TMZ are not stupid and know damn well that Ted Cruz would never agree to something like this. However, TMZ still reports it as news, thus yet again promoting the Vivid Ent. brand… which in turn generates media hype and drives traffic to the adult site owned by Steve Hirsch.

There is other issues that stand out as well, like the last sex tape offer promoted by TMZ for WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch. We followed this one closely as we had a spy within Tammy’s click of friends that was giving us the details on what was going on with the offer and as we reported the deal was done and inked on or before 01/19/2016. TMZ though did not report that the deal was done until 1/21/16. There is no way on gods green earth that they did not know the deal was already inked since Vivid used TMZ to break the offer as an “exclusive” in the first place. In fact TMZ had a live stream with Tammy on the 19th asking her if she was going to accept the offer. Now come on, they had to of already known the deal was done as we did and we are pretty sure they were just trying to create more media buzz for the guys at Vivid.

Here is the live stream video we found that was done 1/19/16 by staff at TMZ interviewing Tammy asking her about the offer to do the sex tape that we already reported on the same day was a done deal. You are telling us we knew it was already done and TMZ didn’t?… even though they leaked the “exclusive” handed directly to them from Vivid? Come on now. lol

Now we are not saying that there is a side $$$$ deal going on between TMZ and Vivid but as they say if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck!