American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and hip hop king Usher Raymond IV or better known as simply Usher has according to reports been caught up in the Usher sex tape video scandal involving… you guessed it, some groupie chicks that seem to have set up the rap mogul.

The woman that reportedly filmed the video (not the same woman he was with mind you) filmed it while the power celeb was not paying attention as he was distracted by the chick that had his junk in her mouth. LOL The un-known woman tried to sell the footage and was told that she would be sued so she leaked the video instead out of what we would assume was spite because no one would pony up the cash. The video run time is about 10 min and features Usher or someone that looks exactly like his ass being pleasured by the woman until he does his business. Usher is still stating that the video is not of him however people that have seen it beg to differ.

Calls to Usher’s reps have not been returned, though photo-hogs that caught up with him and asked about the videos where told he never cheated on his now ex-wife Tameka Foster.

[UPDATE] – Another woman named Tiffany Rose (not sure if that is her real name or stripper name) who is a stripper from Las Vegas has said to have video that leaked of the two getting extremely nasty in the VIP section that includes out in the open oral sex. The video went live around Feb of 2012.

[UPDATE] – Oh jeez we have just found out that all that stuff that was recently stolen from Usher in the recent burglary included a sex tape video of Usher and his ex Tameka Foster. The tape is said to be very explicit with ass slapping and the whole nine yards. Tameka was asked about the videos and she confirmed “Yes, there was video of me and my husband in some private moments, do I want the tapes to leak? Absolutely not I am a mother and do not want to be seen in that way.” Umm may be too late for that now.

[UPDATE] – Like we have been saying about the Usher sex tape videos being confirmed now there is still images that we have seen from the reported actual tape with User and his ex wife Tameka. We hate to say we told you so long ago, but we told you so before anyone else. The pic shows what appears to be Tameka or someone that is the spitting image of Tameka Raymond with a mouth full of what appears to be Usher’s charcoal black penis and you can hear him telling her “yeah baby, suck that cock then asking her if she wants it”. We love to be right.

[UPDATE] – Tameka Raymond just sicked her legal team on us here at by filing a dmca request on the images that we said where of Tameka and Usher so this is now confirmed 100%. We got the notice a couple days ago and here is the screen shot for all to see that in fact Tameka is saying that the tapes are of her and Usher and the images we put up where for sure of the couples sex tape. Again, we hate to say we told ya so…. but we did ;)

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