Dancing With the Stars pro Val Chmerkovskiy is standing up for his new woman, girl power celeb Amber Rose! Val how is a 14-time US National Champion and two-time World Dance Champion tells those close to him that he has fallen deeply in love with da real Amber Rose.

Chmerkovskiy, who is now dating Amber Rose, took to Twitter Wednesday to hit back at racist trolls who were coming for his new relationship after they both posted adorable PDA photos with each other.

“The hypocrisy. All these bible proverbs and absolutely zero follow thru. All this ‘love’ yet zero empathy,” Chmerkovskiy wrote in one of his now-deleted tweets. “I’m speechless. TBH. Not because I have nothing to say. Just don’t have anything to say y’all capable of understand [sic].”

Earlier that day, the couple had shared lovey-dovey photos of each other on Instagram.

My Love ❤️

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Val was asked about how he felt about Amber Rose’s sexual past and the known possibility of her confirmed sex tape videos that she has in hand, leaking for everyone to see, to which Val replied: “I could give a shit man, anyone she has been with is of no concern to me, she rocks my world now, and that my friend is all that matters.”