Sorry folks all the rumors you are hearing about the possibility of Sammy returning to the band for a reunion tour is not going to happen any time soon according to sources close to the band.

The rumors started flying around after Sammy Tweeted Eddie a birthday wish seen here:

Then like wildfire the rumors of a reunion involving Sammy Hagar spread across the web. To make it worse there was a recent interview on the Daily Bulletin talking about it from Sammy’s point of view as you can see here:
Source: Daily Bulletin
One subject Hagar is not comfortable talking about is Van Halen. When asked what he would do if the group called him to come back, he said he wasn’t sure.

Hagar: “My favorite thing to say without biting my own tongue is no comment,” Hagar said. “Every time I turned around, it was a no-win situation. If I say what I feel … I would always get 50 percent of the Van Halen fans saying, ‘Right on, you rule.’ Then the haters would dog me like, ‘You’re always dogging Van Halen.’ I’m going to shut up. They get their wish. We’ll see what happens when it happens — if it happens.”

Here is the deal though, it will not happen and is “not even a thought” according to promoters of Van Halen “There is no way in hell man, you think we want to go through that again, he has constantly burned the band and talked so much s$%t, thanks but no thanks. He can do his thing within his little circle (meaning Hagars new band ‘The Circle’).” They go on to tell us: “Look we understand that Hagar’s voice is stronger than David’s now but David is happy to be a part of something great and not crying over percentages or causing problems.”

So there ya go folks a Hagar reunion is not looking like it will ever happen, so don’t believe the hype on social media.

Here is one of the Van Halen kicks that made them a household name with original vocalist David Lee Roth kicking it like they are currently:

Here is the band at the 2015 Billboard Awards Show: