[UPDATE] James Otis is on his way to jail for felony vandelizim as we had said before. The chamber is pressing charges to the fullest extent, meaning… James could do around 2 years in the pokey, and have restitution and fines in the 50k area. OUCH!

[UPDATE] The man behind the removal of Donald Trumps Hollywood Walk Of Fame star has come forward, and admited to his felony crime that could land him in jail for a couple years, with restitution in the 40k+ range. Democratic “activist” James Otis came forward in a video claiming that he did what he did because of the alleged Donald Trump sexual assult “victums” and he is not scared of the police or Donald Trump. We have a question though… why on earth would you be so pissed about “alleged” sexual assults, when it has been proven fact that Bill Clinton has in fact sexually assulted many women over the years? I mean do you really want Bill Clinton back in the the white house where he lied about getting blowjobs in the oval office, and having sex with several women? Come on man… lol

Yikes, this guy has lost his damn mind.

The video shows a man dressed up as a construction worker smashing Donald Trumps Hollywood Star to bits with a pick ax. When asked what he was doing, he replied that the city had told him to go remove the star and he was just following orders.

This is just one of the many recent vandalization’s of anything to do with Trump by Democratic supporters. His star has been spray painted with the swastika, people have taken shits on it, and several videos of people spitting on it as well.

The destruction of anything Trump has not been just his star on the Hollywood walk of fame, supporters of Trump have been reporting vandalization on a massive scale. Supports of the Trump train have been having to try and keep their Trump/Pence signs out of reach, as they are stolen almost all the time.

This election has been one of the most hate filled that we have seen ever.

We have spoke with our attorneys, and if this guy is caught, he will be charged with Felony vandalizim. This is a pretty high probability, as there is high definition security cameras everywhere down there, watching every single angle and street for blocks.

Here is the video of the man destroying Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame star in Hollywood: