Voice Actor Rodger Bumpass Arrested For DUI

Looks like Spongebob posted bail for his buddy Rodger Bumpass that is the voice of Squidward and got him out of jail!

Rodger was arrested Friday the 15th at 10:48pm in Burbank, CA after police came across his blue PT cruiser sitting in the middle of the road with him leaning on it.

According to police reports, as officers approached the vehicle Rodger tried to walk away like nothing was going on at which point he tripped and almost fell flat on his face.

We contacted DUI attorney Gregory Caplan in CA and asked what he thought about the case: “This is a tricky one for sure however the main facts that need to come out would be… was he drinking after he parked in the street or was he drinking and parked in the middle of the street.” He goes on: “If he was parked with no keys in the ignition and he started drinking, this would be an easy dropped case, however if there is proof that he was over the limit before he parked and got out that would be a different issue.”

Rodger kind of screwed himself as far as defense goes taking to Facebook and posting this:

To all my dear friends. Perhaps you have heard by now. I was arrested on DUI charges recently. This is the lowest point…

Posted by Rodger Bumpass on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here is a little video of Rodger in action as the voice of Squidward:

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