[UPDATE] – Damit TMZ! Yet again they have reported something as not true according to reps for Von Miller. As ShowbizSpy was told by Von’s rep: “Von was in Salt Lake City and not in Hollywood with Mayweather. TMZ has corrected and updated their previously reported story. Feel free to confirm via Von’s social media. I can also confirm with flight plans if needed.” TMZ has in fact removed the post. Just goes to show you, that you can’t believe everything you read, especially from TMZ as this is like the millionth time this has happened while reporting on a story from TMZ. We will however leave the post up, as we have provided some good info about his contract. GO BRONCOS!

Von Miller has officially made history with the Denver Broncos, after signing a contract worth $115 million, making him the highest paid non-qb in history!

The Super Bowl 50 MVP and the Broncos had been engaged in often-contentious contract negotiations over the past several months, ever since the team placed the franchise tag – which came with a one-year salary of $14.129 million – on Miller in March. That salary was well below market value for a player of Miller’s caliber, after he racked up 60 sacks in his first five seasons. His value sky-rocketed after a stellar 2015 postseason in which he recorded five sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception during Denver’s Super Bowl run.

To celebrate his new football contract, Von and Floyd hit up ‘Crazy Girls’ in Hollywood, a strip club known to make it rain on a nightly basis.

Von told the media on Friday: “I’m super happy and excited to be back with my teammates for the next six years, this is something I really wanted-to stay with the Denver Broncos. I am so appreciative and grateful for this opportunity. I want to thank Mr. Pat Bowlen, Joe Ellis, John Elway and Coach Gary Kubiak for making this possible. I’m also thankful for the way my teammates and our fans have supported me. I’m excited for the future and ready to get back to work.”

Here is some highlights from the man doing his thing, you will need to watch the video on YouTube because the National Football League are a bunch of complete douche bags, not allowing websites to embed any video with NFL action. They do this so they can make their advertising money off of everything. Greedy Little Bitches!: