It seems like everyone and their dog wants to stop the growth of Donald Trump. So far none of it has worked. Trump is leading all polls among the Republicans. He has smashed through Super Tuesday and pretty much every other Tuesday. He leads by double digits in most states and his momentum seemingly has no end in sight. His detractors include every single Democrat alive, just about every Late Night talk show host, Mexican nationals, and even John McCain and Mitt Romney. And still Cruz and Kasich (with Rubio bowing out) collectively seemingly are not able to stump this Trump. With picking up a win in Florida and narrowly missing in Ohio The Donald all but has this thing in the bag. And this is even with him putting his foot in his mouth in just about every chance he gets. Rapist Mexicans anyone?

So with that said is there nothing that can stop this movement? Does the guy who “tells it like it is” is simply able to steamroll his way to the White House? If only there was some obscure organization that has had a history of pushing back. A movement of the people, if you will, perhaps a force underground getting things done behind the scenes would have a chance against this juggernaut. In swoops in . . . Anonymous? The internet hacktivist group famed for its anti-Scientology stance and being a thorn in the side of Westboro Baptist Church has declared war on Donald Trump. In a message to Trump’s campaign a masked Anonymous member states, “Dear Donald Trump, we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing”. Okay, So what exactly does total war against Trump by Anonymous actually mean?

Well April 1 has been set as the target date for sites like TrumpChicago.com, donaldjtrump.com, trump.com, trumphotelcollection.com, and the candidate’s presidential sites including donaldtrump2016online.com and citizensfortrump.com. The group has also released unverified personal information of Trump’s campaign including his social security number. Only time will tell if this “war” has any adverse effect on The Donald. Also I might point out, didn’t we hear a lot of the same from Anonymous regarding ISIS? Huh.