Let’s just get straight to the point. Social media has been filled with NBA, R&B, and Hollywood cheating scandals this week. Social media has become the new tabloid with celebs airing their dirty laundry for the whole world to see. Unfortunately, what we see is a double standard. Let’s break it down.

What Happened: Rap artist Partynextdoor posted a pic holding hands with ex-girlfriend Kehlani. Kehlani confirmed in January that she was dating Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving.

Victim: Kyrie Irving

Villain: Kehlani

Now, we don’t know if Irving and Kehlani had broken up or what but Twitter was quick to play judge, jury, and dang near executioner. Kehlani was trending and being labeled all kinds of nasty names. Sadly, by Tuesday Kehlani posted on Instagram that it had all become too much for her and she attempted suicide! You would think that after someone had attempted suicide and #prayforkehlani had been trending that she would no longer be seen as a villain. However, late Tuesday night the singer Chris Brown, yes, THAT Chris Brown was still going in on her. Wednesday has been quiet, with no posts, statements, or updates from any of the parties involved. TBH, I think they’re all relieved that ANOTHER cheating scandal has developed taking the attention from the Kehlani, Kyrie, PND love triangle.


What Happened: Actor Columbus Short, most recently from the TV show “Scandal” got caught cheating on his wife Karrine Steffans, author of the book “Confessions of a Video Vixen.” She’s also known as “Supahead” because she, um, serviced so many men of the hip hop industry.

Victim: Columbus Short – Yep, you read that right. Folks on Twitter quickly sided with Short even though he was the one that cheated! Twitter justified his actions because of her past. Nothing like a little Slut Shaming on a Tuesday. Smh… Keep in mind there was no mention on Twitter of Short’s past domestic abuse accusations.

Villain: Karrine Steffans
Steffans took to Instagram to air Short’s “dirty laundry.” She posted pics of his clothes thrown out and a caption specifically calling out the women he cheated with. Short then took to Twitter to make his statement about her being toxic.



Honestly the whole episode was like the Britney Spears songs “Toxic” and “Womanizer.” Now, let’s move on to Wednesday’s cheating scandal.

What Happened: Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell secretly snap-chatted a conversation he had with teammate Nick Young. The conversation revealed that Young had cheated on his fiancée, rapper Iggy Azalea with a 19 year old. Though the video was taken a while ago, a gossip site posted it and it went viral.

Victim: Nick Young

Villain: D’Angelo Russell

This incident has Twitter, sports commentators, and the Lakers organization all over the place today. Azalea has responded, the Lakers said it’s a personnel matter, and Young has yet to make a statement. However, it’s interesting to note that Russell’s Wikipedia has been updated to call him a snitch, and there are memes a plenty all over twitter. Some are even saying that if they were the Lakers they’d trade him immediately for doing that to a teammate. Really? The Lakers are coming off a terrible season with a 15-59 record. They’re problems are bigger than a snapchat video for sure. The most interesting thing from this video fiasco is that Nick Young is being portrayed as the victim. There’s been no mention of him “being a ho” like Twitter users did when Kahlani got back with her ex, or when Karrine threw Columbus Short out! Bottom line, these cheating scandals have revealed a true double standard when it comes to celebrity cheating scandals. The women and the snitch are always the villains and the cheater gets the sympathy. Now that is some real messes up stuff right there.