Come on people let’s get real here…

Rumors started circulating like wildfire today after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange went internet silent, after a nice little dinner delivery visit from Pamela Anderson. Facebook as usual was the source of the massive click-bait posts, from sources that have never even been heard of, reporting that Pamela Anderson may have poisoned Julian Assange with a vegan salad she dropped off to him just before he went un-reachable.

Of course we were all over this one, checking with sources and found out that there was nothing more than technical issues, that were also confirmed by Wikileaks staff:

The contingency plans being talked about in the Tweet are of course a global data dump, to make sure that information they have was spread across several thousand servers.

So before you start reporting about someones death, you may want to take 5min and check into the facts for yourself.

Pamela Anderson has been a known “friend” of Julian for a very long time, no breaking news about that.