The Kardashian and Amber Rose teams are making fans heads scratch as they have just taken a selfie with each other saying: “Anyone For Tea?”

Amber Rose also posted this to Twitter:

Now, we are not sure what the hell is going on as after last weeks Twitter rant by Kanye, Amber went out and asked him if he was feeling sad because he does not have her around anymore to play with his booty hole. Yuk. Seems as though Amber has some sex tape footage of her own that includes Kanye West.

Anyways, we have a theory though can not confirm yet (we are working on it) and that is that Amber Rose is not lying and does in fact have some juicy sex tapes and nude content of Kanye that may very well confirm he does likes anal play. This is the only reason we can think of that the Kardashian/Kanye clan would start being nice to their frienemy.

Here is a fact that you may not know Kanye went on record saying that he and Kim have sex tape videos of their own. But no one knows if there is any ass play in those either. lol

Kanye even went out of his way after Amber Rose talked her s%^t on him saying in so many words: “Let’s be friends” Seeming almost nervous about Amber Rose’s wrath.

So what do you guys think, does Amber have some juicy content on Kanye and they know it? Or is it something else? Let us know what you think in the comments below.