This is one of those celebrity sex tapes that is still being denied by supermodel Adriana Lima after recent reports surfaced about the very nasty Adriana Lima sex tape video releasing to the public. We will let users decide for themselves if they feel the sex tapes are of Adriana Lima or not as we are leaning towards yes it is very hard.

The gorgeous supermodel who GQ magazine described as “The worlds most voluptuous virgin on the planet” is very nasty in this video and this scandal was all released by one of her ex boyfriends that was upset when he was dumped by the extremely sexy super model.

The video of “Adriana” shows about 30min of the normal homemade celebrity sex tape action however this video features a finished off cum shot in her face that we actually where like WHOA, sat back and giggled at the amount that was put on her and even getting in her eye.

Calls to management about the Adriana Lima sex tape video have gone without a reply thus far. However, paparazzi had caught up with the super model at the local air port and asked Adriana about the content in question and her reply was: “You guys need to get a real job.” So is that a yes or a no Adriana? LOL

[UPDATE] – There is new video said to be of Adriana Lima getting down and dirty with her new NBA star boyfriend and an old video that has surfaced of Adriana with her ex famous rocker boyfriend Lenny Kravitz… not bad for a girl that says “sex is for married couples only”

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