Christel Hoogewijs or better known as Alana Dante sex tape video is the latest celebrity sex tapes video scandal to hit the net.

Alana started her professional career in 1997 with a dance version of Céline Dion’s song “Think Twice” however her big breakthrough was with her 1998 hit “Take me for a ride” with next in line being “The Life of the Party” that became an even bigger hit.

The video shows Alana getting down and dirty with an ex-boyfriend in her bedroom that had stuffed animals all over the place. The video is very good quality and about 20min run time featuring all the normal stuff, though the one thing we noticed was she has a huge cootchie that is un-normally puffy.

We also have provided some great pictures of her in concert along with her latest tune so you can match up her face with her private parts. LOL

If you haven’t seen it yet and you are an Alana Dante fan it is an absolute must see video.

[UPDATE] – Alana most recently had more video leak of the celeb with yet a different boyfriend giving him a hand job in some local coffee shop at about 2-3am according to the clock on the wall lol.

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