Holy Crap! Brazilian bombshell supermodel model for Victoria’s Secret Alessandra Ambrosio has according to the media leaked a video that could go down in history as the best looking participants to ever appear in a celeb video scandal named simply… the Alessandra Ambrosio sex tape video.

In the video that was according to the reports caught on film by local camped out paparazzi features her extremely sexy ass beast ex-lover Marcelo Boldrini in 2004 with the couple engaging in very naughty on film antics. Including her jerking Marcelo off at a Euro nude beach and then proceeds to let him mount her right there in the open sliding the bottom of her swimsuit to the side and takes care of his business. The crazy thing about all this is that in the video you can clearly see people walking by naked as well glancing over at what the couple where doing. You got to love the freedom that some countries provide to their people!

Calls to Alessandra and Marcelo’s reps have never been returned to us though after still images from the video of the couple surfaced they quickly denied having sex even though he is clearly on top of her grinding away after she clearly had her hand down his pants jerking him off. If that’s not sex we are not sure what is… Either way like we said before this has got to be one of the best looking participants in a celebrity sex tape we have ever laid our eyes on!

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