Looks as though the video everyone has been looking for may have been found, as new footage of what is said to be the Alexandra Daddario sex tape video has just now hit.

Alexandra is best known for her roles on high budget films and television series like Percy Jackson, San Andreas, True Detective and most recently a gig as a Bay Watch babe. The new video has people asking themselves if the next Pamela Anderson is in the making.

The video in question is said to be of Alexandra and her ex Logan Lerman whom she had recently been dating until their nasty breakup in Sept. 2015. Clips of the tape do in fact show what would appear to be the couple engaged in getting it on with Alexandra sucking on Lerman’s hot dog, and then proceeds to turn around for him all while he was recording on his phone. During the sexual encounter you can hear the male who is said to be Lerman say: “I can use this when I am not here with you.” (This line has been used more time than we can count to get women to allow their male halves to film them with the same results every time) Anyways, we took a look at the tape and can say, damn it does in fact look like her, but the reps we have contacted have not got back with us for complete verification.

The relationship between Alexandra and Lerman has been a rocky one for sure as there was a bit of mud slinging from both sides during the breakup period with rumors of cheating. So, it would not surprise us in the least bit to find out that Lerman may have let the video leak himself. Especially if he feels he was the one cheated on.

Alexandra is no newbie to being caught up naked. In 2014 a bunch of nude content leaked after she became one of the many celebrity victims like Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson and Kristen Stewart of the notorious “celeb hacker” that leaked thousands of photos and videos online in 2015. He is now doing jail time for the hacking. She is also not shy with her body on set as we all know by now, after she has barred it all several times on the set of True Detective making fans jaws drop to the floor talking about her perfect tits. There was also video said to have been with Jason Fuchs who she was said to have dated from 2006 – 2009. Either way whether it is or isn’t the video is a must watch.

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