Yup we know who leaked the Fetty Wap and Alexis Skyy sex tape video… According to Fetty’s attorneys, it was Alexis herself, and now Fetty’s attorneys are on attack mode.

Fetty’s lawyers threatened Alexis this way … “[Y]ou must IMMEDIATELY STOP the distribution and/or attempted distribution of this alleged video to any and all media outlets.”

The only problem is that as we all know, once a sex tape video has hit the web it is there for good, and there is nothing you can do to remove them all. Especially when the video is housed on servers outside the US that do not have to follow the same laws as the States.

The video is pretty damn good, I am not sure why Fetty is so upset, he has a good performance, and as we all know, a good performance (Ray J) leads to only more gigs, and great things.

We touched out to Fetty Wap’s attorneys, and they are telling us they are very serious about suing Alexis, and she will not be happy with the outcome, that will eventually almost guarantee bankrupt her. They also provided the cease and desist letters to TMZ.

Alexis is claiming she had nothing to do with it, even taking to Instagram claiming: “All of this is so crazy & embarrassing!! To think SOMEBODY would want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting but I have faith in Gods work & I know I’m covered! ?? Sorry to my family & supporters for this”

Yeah, we have heard that type of shit before… All we know, is if you like girls with big phat asses, this is a must watch sex tape for sure. Girl has more cake than Dunkin Hines!