Oh no! 29-year old fitness instructor Alexis Wright has been arrested and charged with running a full blown prostitution ring inside the Zumba fitness dance studio in Kennebunk, Maine and now leaked is the Alexis Wright sex tapes proving the fact that she had relationships with hundreds of local men in the area!

The videos where even filmed by some of her loyal customers showing very nasty acts and taken through what seems to be the customers cell phones and weird enough… Alexis was fine with being filmed… for a price of course. lol

The entire tape scandal has really hit Maine hard as most of the men in the videos are married with families and the wives in the area are just waiting for the list of all the men that took part to be released by authorities.

According to reports the videos show Alexis with several men from the Maine area doing what prostitutes in a brothel usually do… anything and everything. There is also said to be over 100 hours and 14,000 photos of the entire Zumba dance studio scandal and we must say WOW!

Alexis has pleaded not guilty on over 100 counts against her including but not limited to prostitution, privacy and of course tax evasion for not claiming the funds she made taking care of hundreds of men at the studio.

[UPDATE] – One of Alexis’s ex-boyfriends before she was in the Zumba fitness business has leaked about 30min of video of the two making whoopee and the rumors are true she is very vocal.

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