We normally do not like to dabble in politics, however we can not skip on this latest breaking political news.

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado who was brought in by the Clinton campaign to smear Donald Trump, with statements that he is racist and treated her like crap, does in fact have a sex tape video. Even though the Clinton campaign are saying that it is only a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Here is Tweets from Hillary Clinton’s campaign on the sex tape that “Does not exist”:

Replying to Donald Trumps original Tweet:

We have fact checked both sides, and can say without a doubt former Miss Universe and Playboy model Alicia Machado does in fact have a real sex tape out there, after having sex with Fernando Acaso on a Spanish reality TV show called ‘The Farm’. This was also at the time she was engaged to another man.

Hillary is now trying to backtrack a bit with the help of main stream media, playing it off as nothing more than a reality television scene. However, the tape clearly shows Alicia is getting pounded on by Fernando, with moaning and the whole nine yards.

Alicia has been on just about ever single news source out there claiming that Donald called her fat, ugly and “miss house cleaner”, though when asked if she had any proof of these comments, she could provide none.

This political season has turned out to be one of the nastiest in history, with only a couple more months to go. But we are betting it will get much worse in the coming weeks.

[UPDATE] – Another video said to be Alicia in an even more hardcore sex tape is said to be making rounds from a former lover in the states. We are currently looking at the video and will be reporting back as to the authenticity of the new leaked footage. Man, this is getting good!

[UPDATE] – The tape from a former lover that was said to be making rounds of the former Miss Universe are completely bogus. The video was posted on non-other than PornHub and promoted by the same bull sh*t false tabloid sites. However the video is clearly not her. So at this point the only “sex tape” we have been able to confirm so far is the video of her having sex on reality show ‘The Farm’ as we explained above.