Ok people the moment we have been waiting for may have really happened this time with the Allsion Mack sex slave cult tapes!

There has been a ton of videos that have been de-bunked, but the new ones that just leaked seem to look legit, showing what appears to be Allison and some of her incredibly sexy friends doing the sex cult thing. There is rubber, straps, dildos, magic wand abuse, bondage, group sex among many other very hardcore sex acts.

So as it goes the Smallville actress was recuting several stunning women to join the DOS (thought to be short for dominus obsequious sororium”) sex cult that in fact has many very high profile members that all brand themselves as members. The Frank Report was the first to lift the lid on the cult and members with email proof of just some of the juicy details, like slaves are told to fast for 12 hours a day, take cold showers and perform a “daily act to honour” their master.

The email tells followers they must refrain from eating for “12 hours from the last time you have anything other than water w. lemon or black tea w. lemon + honey (sparkling water is OK).”

They must also take a cold shower to “build capacity for love through the tolerance of pain”.

The email states that they must provide a new piece of “collateral” — what they call “C” — on the first day of every month — which can be “leaked” if the “slave” leaves the group or reveals its sordid secrets — in order to prove their loyalty to the clan.

Smallville’s Pete Ross offered his ex-castmate some advice ahead of her trial, where she’s facing sex trafficking and conspiracy charges … and could get 15 years in prison. His tip has to do with the residuals from the show, which — as Sam showed us — are still pretty fat.

Either, way… after seeing some of these videos, our question is where the hell do we sign up for this group! lol