Yet another before they were famous sex tape supposedly… Alyson Hannigan or someone that looks a hell of a lot like her gets treated like a real ho in this video made before she hit the big time in in the blockbuster “American Pie”.

We can not say either way if this is the real Alyson Hannigan, however we were asked to provide the video so that users could make that decision for themselves and we as always oblige. She gives some lucky guy a very ruff blowjob, then he actually cums all over her face! LOL This video is the only porn that is known to be made by her before she became famous. Alyson still denies the sex tape as they all do.

The tape is made in what appears to be a pro set, as there was professional lighting that could be seen in the background. The masturbation part of the sex tape to us is the best part hands down.

We tried contacting her reps to ask about the Alyson Hannigan sex tapes, however we have not had any calls returned as of yet.

[UPDATE] – Alyson has a new show on CBS and was recently asked about the videos in an interview and she said again: “I have seen the videos and though they do look like me they are not.” Alyson has sworn up and down that it is not her but everyone that has seen the sex tapes seem to no believe her.