Ok people you have been asking for us to get you the low down on the much talked about Alyssa Milano sex tape videos and we have done the digging and got the scoop! If you don’t know who Alyssa is then you must not have been alive in the 80’s (played Samantha Micelli on Who’s The Boss) as she was every single boys wet dream including ours here at So you could imagine our excitement when we started hearing the rumors of her naughty videos that had leaked to the net.

Well, Funny or Die and Alyssa has played yet another cruel joke on everyone looking for the holy grail of sex tapes from an 80’s sex icon as it was put together as a hoax like Eva did a while back that had us all geeked out, dammit! Now, don’t fret yet as reports are saying that she does in fact have a nude video of her with guitarist and singer of the band Remy Zero filmed sometime in 1999 which would make sense as the dates match with her relationship with the rocker. The video is said to have been filmed in a motel room and shows Alyssa getting down and dirty via first person with Remy on the camera. They ended up only staying together for all of about 10 months so it would seem the relationship was one of those fast sex crazed relationships. Alyssa even went on record stating: “I realized that being married to a musician meant life on the road and in bars, and though he’s still my best friend, our marriage wasn’t working.” We can’t even begin to tell you how many rock stars have sex tapes as it is in the hundreds.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…. it’s probably a duck.

We put in calls to Alyssa’s reps to find out about the old tapes and a comment on the new one, but thus far we have not heard anything back. Tough paparazzi caught up with Milano and hit her up about the tape she did for Funny or Die and she said it was such a good time I loved making that sex tape with him he was so damn sexy!

[UPDATE] – Milano was asked again about the recent sex tape scandal and she said again that she had a ton of fun and thought it was a great idea. Yeah we think so to babe but next time lets get some real good action going if you know what we mean. Love Ya…

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