We have been asked to provide the scoop on American actress and fashion designer Amanda Laura Bynes and her recent sex tape video rumors. Amanda became popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s on the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show, then from 2002 to around 2006, she starred in the popular sitcom What I Like About You on The WB. She has also starred in several hit films, like “What a Girl Wants”, “She’s the Man”, “Hairspray”, “Sydney White” and “Easy A” to name a few. She is also known for not being able to stay away from the cops and constantly getting caught in trouble and arrested just like someone else that we know very well *caugh* Lindsay Lohan. In fact at pretty much any given moment you can find sites like TMZ and the Post reporting on Amanda being caught up in something illegal or morally “wrong”.

The video in question is one that showed up on celeb jihad and shows what appears to be Amanda giving some guy a hand job in the back of a car. Well, we can say with 100% confidence that that video that also is being shown on pornhub, xvideos and thousands of other bull s**t sites is not real at all. In fact the video is of such poor quality that we kind of wondered how people could even question the videos authenticity. Now with that said, there is also rumors of a tape that was made with Liam Hemsworth that was supposedly filmed around 2009 and features Amanda and Liam at the house getting high and making fun of the people talking s**t on Amanda. Then it is said to show what appears to be Amanda giving Liam a hand job in the bathroom while she is completely naked and baked. We have tried to find this video but as of yet have not been able to locate the content.

Calls to Amanda’s reps have not been returned thus far, however we are sure her legal team is busy with all the arrests and will get back to us in due time. lol

[UPDATE] – Well the hackers have leaked nude images of Amanda Bynes now along with some of Hollywood’s top celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennette McCurdy, Miley Cyrus, Kim K, Kaley Cuoco and the stolen leaked hacking list of naked celebrities goes on and on forever. Anyways the images are selfies of Amanda in the bathroom trying to look all sexy and snapping herself for while making kisses at the mirror. Pretty decent pics you can see that she has some sexy curves.

[UPDATE] – There is a tape of again what is said to be Amanda with Scott Mescudi in a full blown sex session at Scott’s house. We have seen the video and can not say for sure if it is Amanda or not (it is close as the body and hair color is in fact damn near the same as Amanda’s and you can see a loaded pipe on the end table lol) and the male in the video is the spitting image of Scott. We can say that in our opinion it is Scott and yes the female in the video does look like Amanda as well but like we said we can not tell for sure. Either way it is a good looking tape and has some great footage included.

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