Will the leak of celebrity nude content ever stop since the ICloud hack attack?! We doubt it… LOL Anyways, recent reports are saying that American actress and model Amber Heard has been the latest celeb caught up in the now mega famous celebrity hacking scandal out of Hollywood. Supposedly there is tons of photos and short video of Amber exposing herself including and topless photo email to non other than Johnny Depp, teasing him to play with her!

Amber also known as a celebrity sex symbol is no newbie though to being busted naked as she has had several bits of content leak to the net over the last few years. If you remember when she was staring in Friday Night Lights she had full nude pictures hit the web that where taken in a Texas hotel. She has said though many times that “a body is a beautiful thing and I have no problem showing mine.” Woohoo, we wish all celebs replied like this!

So far the FED has not been able to catch the individuals responsible for this massive hacking scandal that is now also including many males in Hollywood as well as the females. The FBI has said “The investigation is on going and the leaks in question just seem to keep coming, we will let you know when we have something.” We don’t know about you guys but, we are kinda rooting that the individuals responsible for all this nude celeb content keep at it. But we are a bit biased ;)

UPDATE: Amber has been said to be blackmailing Johnny Depp with sex tape videos, she claims the videos show her and the man every woman on the planet wants to mate with Johnny Depp in hardcore “sexual situations”. There is also tapes with an unknown woman that have leaked showing what is said to be Amber with a lesbian lover, going to town on eachother with sex toys in front of Johnny.