American model, recording artist, actress, socialite and former stripper Amber Rose has been caught up in a full sex tape porn video scandal made before she gave the stripper lifestyle up and after hooking up with Wiz Khalifa generating the Amber Rose sex tape video buzz. Amber is quickly becoming more and more famous, even just recently landing a gig on the famous Dancing With The Star series for 2016, being featured as one of the top women.

The video that is said to feature a man that looks stunningly like Kim Kardashian’s current man Kanye West, shows the two in a fancy hotel with Amber showing her stripper skills in full detail. She starts off giving the “un-known” male oral for a bit, then proceeds to let him hit it from behind, all recorded by the male featured in the video for approximately 25min. The funny thing is that right in the middle of the two going at it, another girl comes over out of no where and starts kissing on Amber and holds what appears to be a joint for her, while the guy never misses a beat and is said to overall be a great video.

Calls to Amber’s reps have gone un-returned though she has gone on record stating “I have done some wild and crazy things in my past but have turned a new leaf and would like to forget about that part of my life, though I am not ashamed of it, I would like to move on.”

[UPDATE] – About 50 nude photos of Amber at what appears to be a house party have also recently leaked to the net. We are curious just how much nude content there is of Amber, we are betting there will be much more content come out of the wood works as she becomes more popular and featured on sites like TMZ.

[UPDATE] – Oh snap!… Seems as though there is rumors flying around the net that Amber Rose and Nick Cannon have had a sex tape leak after the break up of Amber and Wiz Khalifa and word is that it is one nasty piece of work. This is so new that we currently have our geeks working on location and verification. We will keep you updated. Nick Cannon also recently took a lie detector test on BBC Radio 1xtra about hooking up with Amber and he failed it with flying colors

[UPDATE] – Lol it never seems to end as now even a well respected site like is lying their asses off claiming to have the Amber Rose sex tape and forwarding people to a cliphunter video of some Amber Rose lookalike. The woman in the video is not Amber people. We have looked into the video and for one… the chick in the video has no tattoos that Amber has had for a very long time and two the one tattoo that we can see is on the girls neck and well you guessed it Amber has no neck tattoos. Damn seems like everyone wants to get into the celebrity sex tape biz nowadays. We will of course keep you posted on any real verified sex tape of Amber Rose that comes to light.

[UPDATE] – There is video going around of what is said to be Amber with her best buddy Blac Chyna doing the nasty. In the video you can not really make out the faces, but the body styles are right on point.

[UPDATE] – Amber has confirmed 100% that she did in fact make sex tapes with several “men in the industry” including Kanye. This news did not sit well with the Kardashian crew who we all know became famous for the Kim Kardashian 2007 porn. Kanye and Kim all of a sudden befriended Amber after she threatened to leak the video of her and Kanye. There must be some juicy stuff on that sucker for them to all of a sudden end their feud with Amber.

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