English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse has been according to recent reports caught up in yet another scandal when exposed video of Amy was leaked by ex-boyfriend Alex Claire said to have been filmed in 2006 creating the all new Amy Winehouse sex tape video scandal.

The video that was leaked out of what is said to be spite in 2007 after Amy married Blake Fielder-Civil features Amy and Alex getting drunk as s**t laughing it up having a great time while they both walk around butt ass naked the entire video. There is also some play on the video as Amy gives Alex a hand job and oral sex while he plays with her private parts all without dropping a sip of the drink in his hand. With a run time of 12min and recorded on a not so great cell phone video camera and the fact that they where both drunk off their asses makes this more of a funny sex tape rather than a exciting one.

Calls to Amy’s reps have not been returned as of yet but Alex has admitted to selling still images from the video to tabloid magazines and has also inked a deal for a tell all book.

[UPDATE] – More nude pictures have leaked of Amy and Alex at a local club in the VIP section basically screwing each other right there in the open in front of everyone. The pics where said to be leaked by a bar patron that was recording the entire thing. Later Amy and Alex got into a fight and then those pics where posted by paparazzi that was waiting for her outside. Jeez

[UPDATE] – Amy Winehouse has died as of 07/23/11 due to what sources are saying was an overdose on drugs and alcohol. RIP

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