American actress and film director Angelina Jolie has been caught up in her very own scandal recently according to reports that features Angelina with an un-known male getting down and dirty when she was very young titled simply the Angelina Jolie sex tape. The tape is said to be from when she was 15 years old and lived with her boyfriend in her moms house.

In the video made with the un-known male Angelina is said to lay back on a table as they go at it like rabbits in heat for about 6min on an old ass camcorder, they then move to the bed and we see Angelina again as they continue the ruff love-fest for about another 11min. When the video first came out Angelina denied the rumors though after people started watching the videos and could see that it looked exactly like her when she was younger, she then had no comment. Personally we do not think the video is authentic but is worth a look either way as the girl in the video is spitting image of Jolie from back around the time she filmed the movie Hackers.

Calls placed to Angelina Jolie reps about the sex tapes have not been returned as of yet. However, the Enquirer is stating that Brad Pitt will do just about anything to prevent any exposed content of his wife hitting the net saying: “You are talking about my wife and a mother and the entire ordeal is very un-classy”. This from the guy that boned Jennifer Aniston outside in front of the paparazzi huh there Brad. ;) LOL

[UPDATE] – Angelina went on the record stating that “In my youth I was very promiscuous and passionate with all of my boyfriends since I was 13 and if something that I have done in the past hits the internet… so be it as I will not be embarrassed.” Damn we like that for sure Angelina, that’s our girl! It has also been confirmed as a fact that she has been having regular sex since she was 13 years old… Damn!

[UPDATE] – New video of Angelina in the back of a limo with Billy Bob seems to have been confirmed as the driver leaked video he said was the two having sex in the back on the way to an awards show that he caught on his cell phone. Angelina attack dog lawyers said they would not only sue him but put him in jail if what he says is true.

[UPDATE] – The National Enquirer has just reported that there is new nude photos and a possible very nasty sex tape getting ready to leak, however her husband Brad Pitt went on record saying if anyone has any exposed footage of his wife Angelina to contact him first as he will outbid any company even if he has to pay $10M or more. Wow, this has got to be one of the largest confirmed rewards we have ever seen.

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