Recent reports indicate that president Barack Obama’s deceased mother Stanley Ann Dunham not only had taken nude bondage pictures that we all already know about but also was the star in a couple hardcore bondage films making the Ann Dunham sex tape video one of the rarest and most politically influential sex tape scandals of all time!

We had debated intensely as to if we should even report this recent news however decided to provide the lowdown on everything to never break the rule of… if it is sex tape news, rumor or gossip, we will report about it.

So, back to Barack’s moms sex tape video scandal situation… As we all know by now in Aug of 2012 nude xxx photos leaked of what boldly appears to be Ann Dunham who is the mother of our current President Barack Obama. There has also been some xxx videos that “leaked” to the net with one of them being interracial in nature and at the time they where filmed that was a huge no no and looked down upon big time by the white and black community. The videos in question feature bondage, girl on girl, oral and full intercourse filmed in black and white with a total run time of about 13 minutes with all the videos together as a single DVD.

The videos are of course denied by the President, however, the majority of the public, even Obama supporters feel that without a doubt it is his mother as the resemblance is just to close to deny.

We of course can not reach Barack’s mother or President Barack Obama himself for comment as we are sure you can understand.

[UPDATE] – 10/22/12 – Bill Armistead went on record saying: “I’ve seen it… I verified that it is factual, all of it. The public can decide for themselves and I am sure they will come to the same conclusion as I have.”

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