She became famous for her great voice on American Idol but now she’s about to become infamous for her mad sucking skills as the Antonella Barba sex tape video has officially leaked!

Private exposed home celebrity footage of this hot teen reality star sucking off her ex-boyfriend is now available! The videos show Antonella and he boyfriend getting their drink on and then he pulls out his stuff hitting her in the head with it as what we assume to be a strong hint and she procedes to go to work on her man for about 8min turns around and lets him finish up from behind.

Antonella has a great voice and we think it all comes down to that great mouth of hers. So if you love American Idol and enjoy reality sex tapes this is a must see for you!

Calls to Antonella’s reps have gone un-returned though she was recently asked about the videos outside of a local pub and she said he was a complete ass hole for what he did.

[UPDATE] – It seems the boyfriend had more video of the two after another 30min video of the two was made availbale that was filmed by him after what appeared to be a little party they had in the bathroom.