Penelope López Márquez, AKA Arianny Celeste, is an American UFC ring girl, model and co-host of the TV show Overhaulin‘.

Now, sources are providing information of a sex tape that was made with MMA fighter Khalil “Tiki” Ghosn whom Arianny was confirmed to have been dating in 2010. The sex tape video supposedly shows the couple at home getting it on like crazy rough and fast. Not hard to do when you are in that type of shape. The do missionary, doggy-style and some shit we have never seen before for about 1hr. If this is in fact Arianny, we must say that ass is just about perfect, as you can see what appears to be Tiki spanking and spreading those ass checks apart from behind.

We have contacted Arianny’s reps and they are of course denying the tapes authenticity, however those that have watched the sex tape are saying there is no doubt that it is in the fact the UFC ring girl and Tiki. We prefer to stay neutral, and let you the watchers decide for yourselves.

Arianny has had her fair share of men both inside and outside the octagon, like: Travis Barker, Roger Huerta, Josh Burkman, Tiki and Praveen Chandra. If you are unsure of just how sexy Arianny is, just give a look to her personal Instagram account.

[UPDATE] – Tiki has gone on the record saying that his time with Arianny was a very good time, and that if there is tape of the two fucking, he wants a copy for his own personal use. LOL Not sure exactly how to take that comment, but hell, we can send him a copy.