In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s early acting career, around the time that Conan the Barbarian was filmed the Arnold Schwarzenegger sex tape video err videos where said to have leaked.

As we all know around that time Arnold was well known to be involved in crazy sexual orgies in Hollywood (still happening today) and the movie features a ripped Arnold with a group of people/groupies having sex in one big ass orgy and the entire video scandal was caught on tape by one of the patrons involved in the craziness. The sex tapes where filmed somewhere around 1983 and where made before his marriage to ex-wife Maria Shriver with a run time of about 20min.

When the videos made rounds on the net in the 90’s Arnold’s reps confirmed the videos as well as admitting the body builder did smoke marijuana regularly and said “Arnolds personal life is of no one business” LOL Says a man that admits to sleeping with just about every female co-actor he has ever acted with?! Later Arnold said in his own statement in 1995 “Look back in the day I had a lot of fun, am I ashamed? No I am not, would I make different decisions if I could? sure who wouldn’t, we are all human are we not.”

Calls to Arnolds reps where not needed in this scandal as he already admitted the content to be true. Yippie!

[UPDATE] – Wealthy hedge fund manager named Jeremy Frommer bought a ton of storage sheds recently from Penthouse founder Bob Guccione who had died from cancer in 2010. Jeremy hit the jackpot after new never before seen nude media was discovered of Arnold getting his groove on with a still un-known female. Not sure about you guys but with all this nude content of Arnold popping up everywhere, we think Arnold may have had more tail than even Magic Johnson or Gene Simmons. LOL

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