Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas or better known as Ashanti has been recently in the news for what appears to be the real Ashanti sex tape video of the hip hop groupie celeb playing with herself while buck naked filmed by an un-known male.

She is very well known in the hip hop industry as sleeping with well, most of them like 50cent, Jay Z, Nelly, Snoop etc. etc. the list goes on and on for a while. The video was released vi a mobile device and shows Ashanti in a car totally nude playing with herself with a little pink vibrator.

The video is pretty quick about 5minutes but shows her in all her glory and any fan of Ashanti this is a must see sex tape video for sure and her body looks better naked than it does with cloths on if you can believe that!

[UPDATE] – New video of Ashanti at a recording studio is said to have leaked showing Ashanti take care of not one but two up and coming R&B artists at the same time. She actually takes control and shows the guys who the boss is telling them what to do and how to do it. Even when she is done with the guys and they are gone the video still records of the guy that is recording saying “Yeah that bitch can handle the biz fo sho.” Crazy!

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