Former call girl Ashley Alexandra Dupre that was involved in the Elliot Spitzer political sex scandal back in the day and was identified as Spitzer’s high-priced call girl “Kristen” in the Emperors Club VIP prostitution ring has now been busted in several exposed tapes. According to verified sources Ashley was also unsuccessful in blocking the release of some videos that were filmed during Spring Break 2003 as part of the Girls Gone Wild series that is owned and operated by none other than adult content genius Joe Francis. At the time of taping Ashley was only 17 years old and clearly underage, though… when asked if she was 18 she then provided a fake ID to the crew basically locking in the naughty videos to go public instantly.

Francis went on record recently stating “Now that the distraction of this frivolous lawsuit is behind us and I have been vindicated, yet again, we’ve been given the green light to provide her with all the public exposure she could ask for.” Francis had initially offered Ashley a huge sum of over $1 million to simply appear in one of his dirty videos and do a Girls Gone Wild promotional tour, which he later rescinded when he realized he already had some great footage of her being a very nasty young girl and lying about her age. The tapes show Ashley doing a multitude of things all butt ass naked including a landmark masturbation scene and ends up with a little squirt and a lot of shaking if you know what we mean.

Calls to Ashley’s reps have been returned and they are stating “We are in the process of trying to gain control over the content in question and ask that if you have received the content to please forward the info to us.” Yeah, right… we will get right on that. LOL Calls to Elliot Spitzer’s reps have of course not been returned… though politicians rarely if ever call us back for good reasons.

UPDATE – Ashley is busted yet again with several tapes of past high profile clientele that used the hookers (sorry, private escorts) services. According to reports there is about 10 tapes in all with several unknown males. One of the individuals looks a whole lot like politician Elliot Spitzer and people that have seen the tapes are saying that in fact it is him without a doubt. Go check it out for yourself and see what you think, then come back and comment.

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