Ashley Tisdale is best known as the child actor on hit shows like ‘The Suite Life of Zack & Cody’ and ‘High School Musical’. Though for the last several years she has been trying to shed that childhood actor stigma much like Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy have tried to do. Well it seems that she has taken it to the next level after a sex tape said to be Ashley Tisdale has most recently leaked online along with some very nice nude pics. To show how much she has been trying to change her image she also recently posed for Maxim Mag in some very risque photos, showing that in fact she is doing what ever she can to take her career to more of an adult level.

Well, problem solved with this latest leak as the sex tape said to have been release by ex-boyfriend Martin Johnson and not her current husband Christopher French has hit the web and can be considered a good one at over 30 min in length. The tape shows what appears to be Ashley and her ex Martin in a hardcore sex scene taken place in her house around 2012, though we can not really tell for sure. The video was said to have leaked after Martin shared the video with some of his home boys and shortly there after was leaked online. There is a part in the video where the male said to be Martin try’s to do a little anal with her and she says “ouch” and tells him to “not try to do that” as it hurts. So we are going to assume she has a virgin bum hole still. lol Seems her plans of trying to become more of an adult have hit overdrive.

[UPDATE] – Martin has made a comment on the leaked video and said: “I did not show anyone our videos and have no idea how any content involving Ashley and myself is making rounds.” So what your saying is the video is real?! Busted… MedaTakeOut was contacted over 3 years ago with an offer to buy the tape at which point they declined, so we guess since they could not find a buyer they just simply decided to share the video, which is good for us.

[UPDATE] – More nude still shots have been circulating of Ashley from around 2007-2008 and where said to have been taken for her then man Jared Murillo that shows her naked grabbing herself with one hand on her tits and the other on her shaved kitty.

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