American actress and model Audrina Patridge that is most well known for her stint on the super popular reality show “The Hills” and “Dancing With The Stars” has been caught up in her very own celebrity sex tape scandal most recently according to recent reports from around the web. Funny thing though if you don’t know, is that Audrina used to be really good friends with Heidi Montag who had her own sex tape scandal back in the day… Heidi broke off the friendship after hearing inside rumors that Audrina was sleeping with Spencer Pratt.

Anyways, the leaked tape in question is of Audrina and her BMX bad boy boyfriend Corey Bohan featuring all the regular juicy stuff like a little oral here and little doggy style there and Audrina is said to look just completely wasted during the filming on what looks to be an IPhone. Media Take Out reported that the couples tapes had been sent to them via email from an unidentified “close” friend that had gotten it from Corey after he was “showing off” how good Audrina looked completely naked. We have no doubt that in fact she would look sexy as hell but s**t, she would look good in a rabbit suit and until we see some solid evidence we are not going to take Media Take Outs word for it.

We put in a call to Audrina Patridge’s reps but have yet to hear back from her… though the local paparazzi did ask her about it and she said that “they are just talk and not to believe everything you hear”. The only problem with that statement is more time than not the talk turns out to be reality as we hope this does as well.

[UPDATE] – Heidi Montag said that back in the day they where a wild bunch having many sleep overs and “partying like rock stars, so is there a possibility that there was some filming of intimate moments going on, I would likely say yes there was as to if she has a tape floating around I am not going to comment either way on that”. Nice! You can always rely on Heidi and Spencer to tell the truth, oh wait… didn’t they lie about the tapes they made as well… hmm, yup they did and then tried to cut a deal with Vivid for the rights. Damn people don’t forget everything you do has a online record now.

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