Avril Lavigne is no newbie to celeb scandals being busted naked from leaked sources several times and now the Avril Lavigne sex tape video is here to show that there will be many more to come according to recent reports.

The video in question was made sometime in between Avril and her ex-husband long time boyfriend Deryck Whibley who is a Grammy Award-nominated guitarist, lead vocalist, songwriter and producer of the band Sum 41. The couple occasionally performed together in music and now with the leak of this new scandal fans of Avril are going absolutely nuts over the sex tapes of the music industry power couple. The video was done on a full fledged HD camcorder set up to record the entire sexual encounter running about 12minutes and shows them in bed going at it like rock-n-roll bunnies in heat, Avril seems to like to be on top as she likes to be the one in control and Deryck has no issues with that at all it seems.

After the videos leaked Avril said “These where private moments between myself and Deryck and how they got out I have no idea but I am not ashamed at all.” We love when celebs fess up to stuff without denying and then later admitting videos are authentic. Bravo!