Bai Ling has had a ton of Hollywood relationships with celebs like Lionel Richie, Mickey Rourke, Bill Maher and Chris Isaak. Supposedly now though, one of her relationships is coming back to bite her in the ass. Reports have surfaced that Bai Ling and her ex Nick Carter made a very steamy sex tape porn video after a night out on the town.

The reports first started via social media after someone posted a quick video said to be Bai Ling and Nick in some very sexual video that was immediately taken down by Facebook due to terms. So we started to look around a bit, and found a full video that was said to be the couple getting it on after a night of hardcore partying. We have watched the sex tape and can say that it is very good and appears to be authentic, though we will not confirm %100 as of yet. We have put in calls to Bai Ling’s reps asking for feedback on the leaked video, though we have not heard anything back yet.

Social media has now been the preferred leak platform for several nude celebrity scandals, including the original Fappening (responsible for leaking thousands of nude photos and video) and the Fappingin part 2 that happened just recently. Though the social media giants normally catch the videos pretty fast and remove them, even 5 seconds of any video being up is 4 seconds to much, caught in caching programs and spreading like wildfire.

There was also a rumor of a sex tape of Bai Ling and Mickey Rourke, though after we watched the tape, we reported that the rumors were false. The new video with Carter though is a bit more difficult to debunk, as the people in the videos do in fact look like Bai and Nick. Have a look and let us know what you think… Is it Bai and Nick or a extremely sexy couple that looks like them.