Bam Margera professional skateboarder and star of the famous MTV show Jackass had his hands full recently with a hot little blonde fan wanting to be a star on his new “Viva La Bam” show. Well instead she is now a star on the Bam Margera sex tape video. And we say congrats!!!

The sexy little fan said she would do ANYTHING to be on the show. Apparently this included getting pounded in the Bam Margera sex tape video!

This sex tape was quickly pulled by MTV lawyers as soon as it was shown, however the FULL COPY had already hit the web and is now available for your viewing pleasure for Bam fans or fans of any Jackass!

[UPDATE] 10/01/12 – It must be nice to be Bam as a woman recently broke into his house and started masturbating in front of him and supposedly gave the star herpes by supposedly rubbing her pu**y on his mouth while he slept according to the Jackass. OUCH!

Calls to Bams reps have been returned: “Bam likes to have sex like any male does, just because he is getting ass and you are not, you f**king nerds… don’t be a hater.” Damn man all we asked was for a comment on the sex tapes, no need to call us nerds (though he is right we are nerds with no life other than reporting sex tapes to the public.