Rebbeca Marie Gomez, or as we all know her Becky G, has been caught up in her very own sex tape porn video scandal. News spread like wildfire, when video of 20 year odl Becky hit Celebrity Busted’s social media account, that has since been removed. However as we all know very well by now, once a video hits the net for even a second, it never goes away.

The video showed what was said to be Becky G with her at the time boyfriend Austin Mahone after a night of heavy drinking. Most believed that the video was in fact Becky G. but some said that it was not. We will leave the decision up to you the viewers to decide for themselves, as we have seen it and can not confirm authenticity without a doubt.

Anyways, the tape in question shows what is said to be the couple having a drunkin’ sex fest, hitting about every position imaginable… including a masterful oral session, that is right up there with the talent of super famous Kim Kardashian.

Calls have been put into what is said to be her rep, however they have not replied as of yet.

Becky who is currently dating Sebastian Lletget, was casted as the controversial Gay Yellow Power Ranger ‘Trini’, though after watching the sex tape said to be of Becky, we can say with 100% confidence, Becky is far from gay. lol