Bombshell Argentine showgirl, supermodel, media personality, and actress known to locals as simply Belén Rodríguez was busted with her ex-boyfriend Tobias Blanco making the Belen Rodriguez sex tape video in Italy and if this girl does not get you excited no one will!

The video is downright super nasty featuring the young beautiful couple going at each other at her house after a day of drinking all recorded on a very good camcorder. The original 45min video was made available in 2011 after her boyfriend was pissed about being dumped and figured this would be a good way to hurt her. Well, that did not work and made the supermodel even more popular with now a worldwide audience intrigued with her natural beauty. In the video they do every position available taking a few rest here and there to drink some water, get refreshed and go at it again.

Calls to Belen’s reps have not been returned, however ex creeper bf Tobias went on record saying that: “I miss her and the times we had, was the videos of us?.. Yes, that was a time we where deeply in love, I am not sure what happened.” Sounds like someone needs to let go and move on.

[UPDATE] – About another 20min of naughty video has recently leaked of some public beach sex of Belen and Italian football (soccer in the states) stud Marco Borriello. Seems as though Belen has no shame and will throw down any time…anywhere!

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